3 Flavored Waters to Start Off Your Summer

3 Flavored Waters to Start Off Your Summer | Sunkissed

Tis the season to stay hydrated! With summer coming upon us, we are all going to be wanting to loose weight, spend more time in the sun and hopefully more time at the beach! With all these fabulous things happening (amongst many more), you want to stay hydrated. So, lots of water. Now I know, we all dread drinking a hundred gallons of water a day so we tend to buy flavored water because “same thing” right? Wrong. Buying flavored water isn’t always the best option. Yes, it’s easy. But, it is costly and well it isn’t always the healthiest option. Fresh fruit and citrus and herbs is really where the nutrition is. Any sugar you receive from homemade flavored water is actually good for you. Plus, it is much cheaper to buy and cut it all up yourself rather than buying a million bottles of flavored water. One of the best things about making your own flavored water is that there are unlimited options on what you can do to it!  As you can see, there are many benefits of homemade flavored water, so here are a few of my favorite!

Strawberry Lemon Water

This is one of my favorite waters. It is super simple and super yummy! Cut up about a hand full of strawberries and cut up about a half a lemon. Toss those into a tumbler or water bottle with some ice. Fill up with some water and enjoy!

Mint Lemon Cucumber Water | Sunkissed

Mint Lemon Cucumber Water

This one is also really yummy! Fresh mint is the key ingredient, here. Be sure to give it a rough chop before you toss it in the cup. Use about a half of a lemon, that is cut into wedges. For the cucumber, use about a fourth to a third of a cucumber sliced. Toss in some ice and fill with water to enjoy.

Pineapple Orange Water

This is on the sweeter side but it still great! Take a big slice of pineapple and chop into some smaller pieces. Add in about a half an orange, cut into wedges. Try to get out as many seeds as possible! Fill with ice and water to enjoy!

What do you like to add to your water?


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