6 Steps to Finals Preparation


Happy Finals Season! I have my finals coming up in a week and I know everyone’s is right around the corner, so here I am to give you the main steps to getting prepared for finals. I would suggest maybe doing some of these steps ahead of time as finals is stressful and we could use all the time we can get to make sure we do amazing!

Step One

Know when your finals are. Get that beautiful planner out and write down the exact dates of every single final and every time. I promise you will need this. Most times should be on the syllabus. And don’t forget to check back because writing things down are great until you forget to look at what you wrote down.

Step Two

Understand your finals. Know if your finals are tests or projects. For me, my finals are an even mix. Some of mine don’t even meet for their final times because the professors don’t want to show up to an 8am final as much as the students don’t.

Step Three

Set Goals, whether you are setting steps in a project to get done or material to study coming up to the test. It is good to have goals set and it feels even better as you achieve them. For tests I would suggest picking chapters to read and the corresponding notes to study with them each day or so. That way you still have time to bring questions to the professor while you still can. Try to avoid that last minute cramming.

Step Four

Follow through with your goals. Making goals is useless unless you actually stick to them. Make sure to have steps to each goal that you can cross off as you accomplish. Every time you cross something off, it makes you feel so close.

Step Five

Study. I know, nobody wants to hear that dreaded word. Lock yourself in the quiet section of your library if you have to and get to work. Study and get your sh*t done, on time. If you start soon, the less all-nighters you will have to do in order to know what you got to know and finish what you got to finish.

Step Six

Do not stress. Plan so you do not have to do a million things at once. Stressing will only make things worse. You do not want to be overwhelmed to the point where you literally can’t do anything because your brain just can’t handle it. Stressing is a waste of time. Breathe.

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