5 Thing To Do After Finals Week


Hello Friends!
As we all know, finals is fastly approaching and well nobody is quite excited. But, I though I would give a little insight into what we should do once our finals week is over!

  1. Treat Yourself! // We all need to learn to treat ourselves. After countless hours in the library and working your butt off, you need to give yourself something that made it all worth it! This article has some fun ideas because treating yourself and making your day better are kind of related (12 ways to make your day better)

    Cute, Snuggly, Kitties Always Feel Like a Treat to Me!
  2. Rewrite your notes // I know, I know, nobody wants to hear that. You just finished school, why would you want to keep doing class work. Well, you really should get all the notes that you will need for future classes rewritten. This way there is no way they can get lost and you know you can throw away all the rest.
  3. Make Plans // Break is here and that means some freedom or at least going somewhere other than your college! Make your plans and get ready to have a fun time. Text your best friend and throw out some ideas. I know I’ll be headed home and getting to work, but I have plans for bonfires and BBQ’s!photo-1442458017215-285b83f65851
  4. Pack up! // You get to leave (most of you), so pack up all your stuff (or get it organized) and move it on out (or wherever). Be sure to label and keep it all organized. I also suggest getting a storage unit or somewhere to keep your stuff if you live on campus still, you don’t need to carry all your winter stuff everywhere you go! For me, I luckily have an aunt near by with a lovely basement with enough room for my stuff!
  5. And Lastly, Just Breathe // It is finally over. All you have to do is breathe and get yourself ready for something different. It is finally over and summer has finally begun.


What do you do (or will be doing) after finals week?



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