10 Library Necessities

10 Library Necessities | SunkissedHey All, sorry I’ve been super busy lately with classes and projects and all my professors and my sorority squeezing everything thing in this last month! And since I know we all will be spending a lot, like A LOT of time in the library these next couple weeks, I figured, why not post about the library necessities. I sure know I will be in the library almost every day until this semester is over. Please let me know what you agree and disagree with, I would love to hear from my lovely readers! 😊

  1. Coffee ||  I believe half the reason that I function most days is the couple cups of coffee I have. I defiantly recommend for those late nights.
  2. Headphones || Music or Netflix wouldn’t be the same if you had to listen to it out loud with every single person in the lib staring at you.
  3. Chargers || You never know how long you will be stuck in the library. It is better to be prepared than rushing to finish a paper because your laptop is at two percent.
  4. Water || Stay Hydrated! It is good for the brain, it is also good for your body as a whole! I prefer lemon water or even if you just toss any fruit in there.
  5. Healthy Snack || I know we all love to bring chips (Puffy Cheetos) and unhealthy snacks to the library to munch on, but when you eat healthy, it actually helps fuel your brain so that you can get better information out of it.
  6. Extra Notebook || Sometimes you have fabulous ideas that is not related to your homework, so it is good to have that extra notebook to write all those ideas in.
  7. Homework || This is pretty obvious, you need homework to do when you are in the library.
  8. Planner || You need to know what is due tomorrow and what is due next week when setting your priorities. You also sometimes like to know when you have time to work/ be able to finish your work in the upcoming days!
  9. Pens/Pencils || You need all the pens and pencils! I prefer to carry around colored pens around for my planner and when writing essays. I also enjoy having pretty pens such as this new one I just got on sale at Target. They serve as great inspiration.
  10. Inspiration || We all need inspiration for getting things done! Rather it be from my Motivation Monday’s or from cute notebooks and pens! Inspiration is a necessity to getting sh*t done.


What do you consider a “library necessity”?


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