5 Tips for Packing: Tropics Edition

5 Tips for Packing for the Tropics // Sunkissed

Happy Thursday! For me Happy Spring Break! Today I am sharing a few tips (5 to be exact) on packing for a plane ride to the tropics! Tomorrow morning at 3 am, I will be at the airport on my way to the beautiful San Pedro, Belize! You will see some posts about that also! So, here are my tips!DO NOT OVER PACK! // Over packing is such a hassle. You have to lug all that extra luggage around and lets be honest, you most likely will not even wear half the stuff you  bring! Everyone has their favorite items they know they will be wearing a hundred times while they are there!

Buy your beauty products there // Unless you have a specific type of care product that you absolutely need and if they didn’t sell there, you would die without! Buy your shampoo and conditioner there, you will most likely get it cheaper and than you have extra room in your luggage for more clothes or presents to bring back. That also means you won’t have to check a bag through. YAY FOR CARRY ONS! With makeup, think about what you actually need and will wear. I know I will only want mascara and maybe eyeliner. My face makeup will not match my skin tone when I get tan. (I will bring my mascara, but I will leave it there because it is almost empty anyway)

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Bring a personal item // By this I mean like a purse or backpack that fits under your seat. This allows you to have two carry ons basically! I usually stick my camera, my wallet and my passport there. These are things that can not get lost at any cost. You want to keep them on you at all times. This bag will be your life saver if you are an over packer. I also suggest a purse and not a backpack because it can be really hard to shove a backpack under the seat and then you’re stuck with it on your lap for the whole trip.

Take the amount of time you are there into consideration! // I understand you have all this fun summer stuff you want to wear, but you can’t wear it all in ten days. A month maybe, ten days not so much. I am going for ten days and that means I do not need ten pairs of shirts and twenty tops. I know myself, I know half my shirts match the same pair of shorts. I also I only need like 4/5 pairs of shorts and maybe 10 to 15 tops, depending what kind of trip it is. Mine is personal, I will be spending half the time in a bathing suit.

Packing for the Tropics //Sunkissed

Watch what you wear to the airport // You don’t want to wear your thickest winter coat or jeans because once you reach the border to the tropics you will feel the heat and you will have to deal with all the clothes you are wearing or if you’re changing. I suggest yoga pants and short sleeve shirt, along with something like sneakers or Toms. Where I am going I will only need flip flops or even no shoes at all. I will probably wear Toms, yoga pants (bringing a pair of shorts), short sleeve shirt (letters), and a comfy sweatshirt. I will also leave a majority of my jewelery at home because I don’t want to deal with security and possibly loosing them in a foreign country or while scuba diving.

Basically, think ahead. Don’t just pack everything that sounds great right now. I know what I will wear and so I will bring that. Try to avoid over-packing at all costs. If worse comes to worse borrow clothes or buy a new shirt. But, remember what you are doing there and pack accordingly.


Where are you all going for Spring Break?

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