Donut Crazy: A Review

Lets Eat Donuts-Donut Crazy Review

So over the weekend, I took the drive out to Donut Crazy to try their, well, Crazy Donuts! And let me say, they were crazy! The flavors went from a plain powdered donut all the way to a cannoli and cheesecake donut. Now, my favorite, was the Dough Boy Donut. I did take a look at their online menu and the flavors are galore. I really wanted to try the Samoa and Coco Loco Donut, which they didn’t have, but I will be making the trip back to try! 

My Crazy Donuts- Donut Crazy Review

So, My boyfriend and I split a half dozen box and each of us picked three. He picked a powdered donut, a fun glazed donut and the Cannoli donut. I picked the Dough Boy, the Strawberry Cheesecake and the Nutella donut. My favorite as I said was the Dough Boy followed by the Nutella and powdered donut. My issue was they are soo sweet. I felt like I rotted my teeth with some of them. That is why I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Cannoli or the Cheesecake. I did like the crunch in the powdered donut and it wasn’t overly sweetened.

Overall, I will be going to try all these yummy donuts. It is pretty pricey though, so watch out with that! I will keep you all updated when I try the flavors that I really want to try, mentioned above.

Donuts and Whales - Donut Crazy Review




What is your favorite kind of donut?


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