10 Snacks to Always Keep Stocked in your Dorm

Snack Foods for your Dorm

There are always those few things you have to keep in your dorm, whether you are a healthy eater or a junk food eater.

  1. Cheese Sticks // Who doesn’t love Cheese, especially in stick form. Easy for just while you are in your room or for on the go! Personally, I love Sargento Cheese.
  2. Peanut butter and/or Nutella // Just grab a spoon, crackers, pretzels, really anything and enjoy.
  3. Popcorn // This is a necessity! Popcorn will go a long way with all friends and all events! One of my sisters even brought it as her dinner to a recruitment night haha
  4. Granola Bars // Good and good for you! I specifically like KIND bars and NutriGran bars.
  5. Apples/ Clementines // Healthy and yummy! It will also help during flu season because lets be honest, college flu sucks more than normal flu and it is so hard not to get sick when everyone around you is.
  6. Chocolate covered something! // It could be chocolate covered espresso beans (like myself) or almonds or gummy bears or whatever truly makes you happy, but trust me, it will make you happy in that time of need.
  7. Munchies // This usually refers to chips. Mine is Snappea crisps or Cheeto Puffs. They are both my favorite and go to’s for munchies!
  8. Veggies and dip // Carrots and Cucumbers are bomb with ranch dressing. And if you really are not a veggie person, switch it to chips and dip! See what I did there haha
  9. Cookies // Everyone has a sweet tooth for your favorite cookies, this could also fall under munchies (I don’t know your life). Examples; chips ahoy, oreos, etc.
  10. Microwavable items // Let’s be honest, this is college, you are in a dorm, you will have a microwave. You should buy all the things to microwave. This could include, but is not limited to, mac and cheese, pasta, hot pockets, soup, etc. All the yummy-ness included!


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