10 Items to Carry in your Backpack

backpackThere are always a few staples that you should always carry around. Some of these staples are always required for carrying around to class and some for just carrying around in general. I hope this list is helpful!Jube Stock-16

  1. My Planner // I always bring my planner everywhere, you never know when you are stuck in the library and will need it or in class and need to jot down an assignment your professor says.
  2. Colored Pens and Highlighters // This is always good to have!  It is a little obvious but let this serve as a reminder to always have them. The more colors the better, it is good for planning and for note taking. I would also include pencils, but that is more for the art students like myself.
  3. Tissues and Hand Sanitizer // This is college, there are lots of germs at college, if you don’t want to get sick, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer and have tissues!
  4. Water Bottle // Stay Hydrated! It is always good to carry around water and drink it! If you aren’t drinking it, it’s just extra weight you are carrying around.
  5. My Laptop // I live and breathe my laptop. Most of it is that I am a graphic design and business major, but either way, in college, you will always need your laptop.
  6. Emergency Supplies // This is usually a bobby pins, safety pins, feminine products, etc.
  7. A Snack // I usually carry around a KIND bar because they are healthy and come in amazing flavors, from sweet to savory. I think they are the perfect thing to munch on at the library or in between classes. I also love String Cheese, because well, who doesn’t love cheese.
  8. Chargers // Never leave your dorm without your computer and phone charger because you never know how long it will be before you go back to your room and you will most likely need them throughout the day.
  9. Headphones // I always need my headphones (especially when I don’t have them). You might need them while working in class or when you are stuck in the library. Just like chargers bring your headphones every time you leave your room.
  10. Wallet & Keys // You will always need this! I hate when I don’t have my car keys and of course I make it all the way to my car and have to walk all the way back to get them. Also, you never think about having your wallet, but sometimes you join someone to go do something and of course, you don’t have your wallet. Just carry them!

I hope this helps you all pack up your bags for the long school haul!


What do you all keep in your backpacks?

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