How to Prepare for a New Semester

New Semester

It’s that time of the break, about to head back to your Spring Semester at school! Make sure you are ready!

  1. Get organized // Print your syllabi and get your binder together (Post when I make mine). Jot dates down into your planner and get your schedule ready!
  2. Buy Your Textbooks // Put all that Christmas money to good use and get your textbooks now!
  3. Start your reading // Some professors already started posting! Get some reading done if you are doing nothing at home.
  4. Get your schedule ready // If you are in as many clubs as I am, start making sure nothing is overlapping. I use a majority of different platforms to organize my time.
  5. Email your professors // Ask them questions! It can be about the textbooks, about the class or even the syllabus! Hey you can even email them just to introduce yourself!
  6. Start Packing // Make sure you don’t forget anything, especially if you aren’t going home soon, such as I am!
  7. Get Your Head in the Game // Starting a new semester is both exciting and overwhelming so you got to get into the right mindset!
  8. Enjoy the end of your break // It is bittersweet to be leaving home! Leaving your job, your family, your pets and your room is all bittersweet.

How do you get ready for the Spring semester?



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      Thank you for your wonderful comments! I have been blogging for a few years, on and off! I am trying to dedicate more time and energy to it though!

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