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Hello Everyone! So, as some of you know, I was just in New York to celebrate the New Year with my boyfriend! In order to get to and fro, I had to take the lovely form of transportation called “the Bus”! While traveling can be kind of scary, especially if you are not use to it, it can also be fun. As a result, I made a list of some helpful tips that I think everyone taking buses to get long distances should really know.

  1. Buy your ticket at least a day in advance and online!

While this not always true, most buses, such as Peter Pan and Greyhound, offer better deals ahead of time and online. This way you can also plan a tad bit more in advance and don’t have to worry about it as much, while saving a few bucks! For my trip, on the way back, I miss my bus and had to buy one for the next available one and that bus ticket cost me an extra $10 just for not buying it online!

  1. Pack Light!

Now I am the worst person to be suggesting this because I am awful at packing light! I can’t not over pack to save my life! I could take out half of my luggage and still have packed too much! But anyway, you don’t want to be carrying around a heavy duffle bag and running to your next bus or even just to have to carry it to the bathroom. Don’t over pack, just don’t do it!

  1. Bring a book

Or an iPad with some digital books. A book will save you atleast from being completely bored! If you don’t like reading, fine, bring something to do and a phone charger just in case!

  1. If someone asks to sit next you, let them!

Yes, no one wants to share that already super tight space, but they don’t want to either. If they ask you if they can sit next to you, that usually means there is nowhere else to sit. If its an empty bus, than that is creepy and you can say no.

  1. Bring food and water!

You will get hungry and thirsty, it is as easy as that! But speaking of…

  1. Don’t be a mess!

You can eat and drink, but don’t spill everywhere! You’ll just ruin it for everyone else and ruin someone’s day that has to clean up after you!

  1. Headphones!

Just like a charger, you need headphones!

  1. Be organized!

Know where your tickets are, make sure your book is in your carry on, etc, etc, etc. Just like traveling anywhere, know what is where!

  1. Put a bag underneath!

Don’t get stuck trying to shove your luggage in the stowaway, toss your duffle underneath the bus, just make sure it gets put in the right compartment and you will be set!

  1. BE AWARE!

This one I can not stress enough! Be aware of your surroundings. In the bus stops is even more important. Weird people hang out at bus stops! Keep an eye on your stuff at all points! Don’t leave anything anywhere or with anyone! Try to keep to yourself and if need be get a police officer, there is usually one around. Also, be careful who you talk to because once again, people can weird and not as nice as you want them to be… but don’t be scared.


I hope these tips are helpful! I’ll post my tips on planes when I travel to belize for Spring Break! Hope you all stay super safe on your travels!


Do any of you have bus tips you would like to share?

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