10 Things to do Between Classes (And Still be Productive)


Do Some More Work

Yea I know, we just had a ton of classes now lets do work before we have to go do more work. Get it done though. Why wait to get all this work done that we all know you have to do. Do you want to be stuck in the library until 2 am because you have to much work to get done, your tired and gossip girl is calling your name, No, you don’t. You also don’t have to let having a bajillion things to do ruin your weekend because you thought ahead and did some stuff. Do some work or even just look over your notes!

Clean Up!

Clean up your room or your desk or even your backpack. Nobody can focus or do anything when you’re surrounded by mess. De-clutter your lives people, it helps a whole lot. I promise, something needs love and its time to give it to it.

Visit a professor

Yay for office hours. Let’s be honest, going to visit your professors is always a good thing, they understand that you care about their class and it will benefit to you it the long run. I think you should use your time to make connections such as those with your professors.

Work Out!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all have a love-hate relationship with working out. We want to but never have the time. We don’t want to and are really just making excuses, you decide. Between classes is perfect because hey, at least you are going. Whether you are going for 20 minutes or 2 hours, it doesn’t really matter. You can even do some work outs in your room or go to a class. My school offers spinning, zumba and yoga which we all love, right? So go and find something fun and do it, whether it is a sport, a simple workout or a class.

Watch Netflix!

Catch up on your show, because hey there is always time for Netflix!

Find a Gem on Campus

Every campus has a few gems, whether it is the coffee, the food or the people. Go find it, maybe make a new friend and enjoy yourself.


I feel like everyone has a book they rather need to finish or they have been dying to read. Do it! Read a book, what’s the worst that will happen, you learn something? Maybe get a little smarter?

Get an On-Campus Job

We’re all broke, college students. So why not use your free time to make some money. Most campuses offer “bursar jobs” where you actually get paid instead of a work-study. You can work in something that has to do with your major or even with some of your professors or your department head. Email around and check with your on-campus job resource center.

Do your Laundry

We all have laundry we need to get done. Do it between classes! Even if you have an hour class soon, toss your laundry in the dryer right before class and rush back right after. But be careful to never leave your laundry in too long cause people get mean when they need a washer/dryer. With this, you also miss that huge hectic portion of the day where everyone is doing their laundry like night time or Sundays.

Get Organized

I love organization! I have binders about my life; I have one for my sorority, budgets, etc. I love being organized and I think there is always time to get organized. Organize your books, your clothes, your desk, or even your computer!



What do you do in between classes?



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