12 Ways to Make Your Day Better

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So, I hear you’re not having a good day, well neither am I! So I decided to write 12 ways to make your day a little better!

1. Put on your favorite Netflix series!

Who doesn’t want to sit down and watch some Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill. It makes everyone’s day a little better, well unless they decide to kill someone off, such as your favorite character. In that case, maybe it won’t make your day that much better.

2. Have your favorite Coffee/ drink.

Head over to Starbucks or Dunkin and grab your favorite coffee, tea, etc. I promise that’ll make you feel just a little better. Personally, I go to Starbucks and get a Toasted Graham Latte and let it make me feel all warm inside.

3. Go visit some puppies.

Puppies make everyone feel better, period.

4. Go for a walk somewhere!

Take a walk somewhere pretty, or at least half way decent.

5. Go to a beach.

If there is a beach anywhere around you, go! The beach makes everyone feel better. No matter the weather, just stand there for a few minutes and just take it in. The beach is a place of peace and gives your brain time to adjust to the world.

6. Clean up!

Blast some music and dance around while cleaning up your mess! You’ll feel much better and you’ll feel fresh thanks to the cleanliness and that great workout you just had.

7. Go Walk Around the Mall.

If you go to the mall, you can window shop, try on cute clothes and maybe get some food. I know, you can’t buy anything because we are all broke college kids, but hey at least we can look.

8. Go to a Movie, By Yourself.

I know, I know, a movie by yourself, the world might end. But that’s a good two hours where you don’t have to deal with anyone. You get to put yourself into a movie and deal if the characters problems.

9. Bake a Cake!

Try to bake something. It could be a cake or cookies. That always makes me feel better, and hey! You get to eat it after!

10. Write!

Write! You could write a blog post, a journal entry, a story, anything! Writing is form to get everything out; you can do it in so many ways

11. Draw!

I love to draw! I keep a sketchbook with me at all times. Just like writing, it helps to let everything out and express yourself.

12. Smile

Smiling makes you happier, its proven!

What do you do to make your day better?

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